Major Milestone in the History of Humanity

Today is the day of a major milestone in history. The materialist philosophy, once imposed on the mass of humanity under the guise of science, is ironically being defeated today by science itself.

Materialism, the philosophy which holds that everything is composed of matter and which denies the existence of God, is actually the contemporary version of paganism. Ancient pagans used to worship non-living beings like wooden or stone totem poles and considered them divine beings. Materialist philosophy, on the other hand, bases its claim on the belief that man and all other beings are created by atoms and molecules. According to this superstitious view, non-living atoms somehow organized themselves and over time acquired life and consciousness finally bringing man into being.

This superstitious belief of materialism is called "evolution". The belief in evolution, first introduced in the pagan cultures of the ancient Sumerians and then the ancient Greeks, was in a way revived in the 19th century by a group of materialist scientists and brought onto the world agenda. Charles Darwin is the best known of these scientists. The theory of evolution he advanced wasted the time of the world of science for 150 years, and despite its widely acknowledged flawed nature, has been hitherto sustained for purely ideological reasons.

The pre-Socratic Greek philosophers evidently received their concepts of evolutionary cosmogony from the even more ancient religious leaders of Egypt and Babylonia or Sumeria. The Sumerian tablets at the left are based on the superstitious belief of that time and refer to the imaginary stages in man's creation.

However, as mentioned earlier, today, materialism is collapsing with a big boom. It is often stated that there were three important materialist theorists who steered the 19th century: Freud, Marx and Darwin. The theories of the first two were examined, tested, and, proving to be invalid, subsequently rejected in the 20th century. Nowadays, the theory of Darwin is also collapsing.

Some important developments in June 2000 accelerated this great collapse of materialism.

First, scientists carrying out experiments to exceed the speed of light made a discovery which turned all scientific premises upside down. In an experiment in which the speed of light was exceeded many times, the scientists observed with astonishment that the effect of the experiment occurred before its cause. This was the defeat of the claim of "causality" that was put forward on the basis of materialist views, in the 19th century. The subject was outlined in a newspaper under the headline "It has been proved that effect without cause is possible and that the end of an event can happen before its beginning". Indeed, the occurrence of the effect of an action before the action that seems to be its cause, is scientific evidence that all events are created individually. This totally demolishes the materialist dogma.

A few weeks later, it was revealed that Archaeopteryx, a fossil bird presented as "the most important fossil evidence" by Darwinists for more than a century, was actually not evidence for, but a blow to the theory. When another fossil, some 75 million years older than this fossil which was allegedly the "primitive ancestor of birds", and no different from modern birds, was discovered, evolutionists were shocked. On June 25th, 2000, even a journal which used to present Archaeopteryx as the "primitive ancestor of birds" was obliged to report the news item headlined "The Ancestor of Birds Proved to be a Bird".

Finally, the Human Genome Project, an attempt to draft a rough map of the human genome, was concluded and the details of the "genetic information", which highlighted how superior God's creation of living beings is, have been revealed to mankind. Today, everyone who considers the results of this project and finds out that a single human cell contains enough information to be stored in thousands of encyclopaedia pages, grasps what a great miracle of creation this is.

Charles Darwin
Sigmund Freud
Karl Marx

Nevertheless, evolutionists try to misinterpret this recent development, which, in truth, works against them, and present it as evidence for "evolution". Unable to explain even how the DNA chain of a tiny bacterium originated, evolutionists try to deliver messages such as "human genes resemble animal genes". Such messages are inaccurate and have no scientific value. They are designed to mislead society. Meanwhile, some press institutions, both because of their ignorance on the subject and their prejudiced approach, suppose that the Human Genome Project provides "evidence of evolution" and try to present it that way.

In this booklet, the abovementioned evolutionist misconceptions are explained and the irrational and shallow nature of the objections raised to creation are clarified. In addition, the severity of the blow the recent findings have struck against Darwinism is explicitly revealed.

When you read this book, you, too, will see that materialist philosophy which rejects God is about to meet its end and that in the 21st century, humanity will return to the real purpose of their creation by being relieved of deceits such as evolution.




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